Smoking is harmful to your hair!

Smoking is harmful to your hair!

More often than not both males and females are not aware of the damages the any types of smoking could cause to the lustrous head of hair, whether it is natural or chemically relaxed. We are aware that health wise smoking is bad, but what we fail to really recognize is that it has bad and weakening effects of the hair and scalp.

1. Smoking weakens the hair follicles thus causing hair loss.
2. Smoking causes permanent odor from your pores.
3. Smoking causes discoloration of the scalp, lips and skin.
4. Smoking contributes to other health related diseases.

So please our smoking community please strive to live a healthier, smoke free life, you would love the results of a much healthier head of hair.


Tips for Healthy Shiny Hair!

Tips for keeping healthy shiny hair

1. Drinking lots of water is very important for healthy looking hair.  It replenishes the hair and assist in keeping the hair moisturized

2.  Invest in a pair of silk pillow cases and a silk cap. This help in eliminating fizz and keep hair styles including wraps in place.

3.  When wearing wool coat it is advised that you placed a strip of silk lining I the color area to eliminate hair loss from the nape area.. This also includes wool head pieces.

4. Trimming  your hair ends is a definite MUST.. It makes the hair looks and feels healthier.

Ooo this is a must try!

Healthy Hair Solutions Ltd

***GARLIC*** -Scientifically known as Allium sativum is the most ancient herbal remedy dating back to 1500 BC. It is filled with essential antibiotic and anti-fungal properties, useful for combating hair loss issues. Garlic contains an essential nutritional component named sulphur, which is important to the structure of hair proteins, such as keratin. It also contains a variety of vitamins important for growing long and healthy hair, such as vitamin C, vitamin B1, thiamine and vitamin B6.

How to Make and Apply Garlic Oil:

This is how I make my own at home fresh garlic oil to apply to my hair at night before wash days. This technique is highly recommended if you are looking to grow areas of your scalp that are experiencing extreme breakage and thinning or any other hair loss. I usually make a new batch every two to three weeks as it is at its best when used fresh. I…

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