Air Drying- Keeping Relaxed & Natural Hair Summer Healthy

Hey Everyone,

Summer is here and although the summer months, July through August, are the months in the year where we can let loose and have fun, it’s not the time to neglect our gorgeous strands! Part of keeping up with your healthy hair journey while enjoying summer is by adding certain routines, like air drying, to your regimen for continual growth and avoiding breakage. This post is the first of many, that will help you and your hair adjust to the summer.

What is air drying?

Air drying is the process  of allowing your hair to dry without the use of heat styling tools.

Yes, we know… it sounds risky BUT, it is one of the ways to help your hair retain moisture and thickness. With the way the summer has already started and seems to be continuing, your hair needs to keep and get as much moisture as possible. The less heat styling tools used at this time the better. There is no need to add to the heat wave alerts by burning your tresses with flat irons and hand-held dryers.

How to Air Dry?

After your regular process of shampooing and deep conditioning, add a small amount of ¬†leave in (e.g. nuetrogena triple moisture silk leave in, Cantu shea butter leave in conditioning repair cream or, herbal essence long-term relationship leave in conditioner) It’s recommended to use a cream based leave in conditioner to help tame any frizz of the strands. If you do have a liquid leave in applying it from roots to tips is advised lightly. After applying the leave in, apply an oil light in consistency such as coconut oil, olive oil, OR ¬†a serum ¬†such as Paul Mitchell’s skinny serum and Fantasia IC olive oil serum. The serum should be focused on roots and edges for the best result.

Methods of Air Drying:

  1. The Scarf Method:¬†¬†After applying your products, using a shower comb or wide toothed comb, comb your hair back into a bun or large Bantu knot. To keep your edges smooth, tie your SILK scarf around base of your hair to avoid any “poofing” or frizzing of the hair, that many of us experience when leaving our hair out to dry. After an hour, you may remove the scarf so that your strands may dry freely.
  2. The Hooded Dryer: ¬†For those ladies who can’t seem to wrap their heads or strands for that matter about the use of NO HEAT, you can use your hooded dryer ¬†by applying the same products mentioned above and then comb your hair straight down using a center part. For about 15- 20 minutes, sit under your dryer using medium heat. For the rest of the time, dry your hair. Using a hooded dryer helps to speed up the drying process as well as smooth out your roots.
  3. Sectioning Your hair:  Sectioning your hair allows you to dry and also pre-style your hair all at the same time. There are many ways to go about sectioning your hair to achieve a cute PROTECTIVE STYLE for the summer. When drying your hair in sections be sure to use a WIDE TOOTHED COMB PLEASE!!!! Your strands are in their most fragile state when wet. You can braid your hair back in two, loosely twist or braid your hair in small sections, or create small Bantu knots. All these styles produce a crimped, curled or waved effect that should last 2 to 3 days.

Additional Tips:

  • If you do decide to use the scarf method, you have the option of flat ironing your hair after your hair is fully dried or applying flexi rods or rollers to your hair before it is fully dried to have cute curly hair for the week.
  • We at coutureHD do advise using silk scarfs, however, you may use an old CLEAN shirt or dorag.
  • If you do decide to use the hooded dryer first, it is advised that you replace your serum with a heat protector such as Fantasia IC heat protector or add a heat protector of your choice after using your desired oil.

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